January 1, 2015

Real Life Nail Colors 2015

My son gave me a Sephora gift card for Christmas, which was much appreciated. I redeemed part of it on a bottle of Formula X nail polish. While pricey, I gotta say it applies like a dream and complements my skin tone. Because I shopped by holding bottle after bottle against my hand, I didn't read the shade's name until this morning: Impeccable. I'm many things each day, but Impeccable is not one of them.

Turns out my polish is one of Sephora's New Neutrals. 31 blends with names like Perfection, Potent, Brilliant, Extraordinary. Their pitch: "Our groundbreaking formula delivers the ultimate super-talent nail color, while our breathtaking array of shades and effects provides endless inspiration. Now you can finally have it all."

This got me thinking about creating a line of nail colors for real life:

Passive Aggressive Pink
Lick the Bowl Blueberry
Yelling Mother Mauve
Too Much Pino Purple
Piles O' Laundry Pewter
Car Trouble Turquoise
Burnout Black
Couch Potato Cranberry
Flunking Out Fuchsia
Road Rage Red

Bored at Work White
Sneaking a Cig Cinnamon
Bored at Home Hazel
Little White Lie Beige

Not sure how well they'd market but I can certainly picture each shade. Can't you?