December 20, 2014

2014 Christmas Letter

Happy Holidays from the French Family!

I so enjoy writing our annual Christmas letter. This past year saw ups and downs (and a few sideways thingies, too).

Lew continues to work those tough crossword puzzles and improvement is apparent. He attributes said improvement to his embrace of Crossfit. Looking to avoid the winter couch potato blues, he went over to our local franchise to see what all the hype and WOD was about. Honestly, it has been great, physically and mentally. Now, if I could just get him to stop flipping monster truck tires in the family room...

credit: Rankin/Bass Productions; Vic's beard
Vic and Claire left Nashville for a lovely apartment in Chicago. Claire continues her studies at The Art Institute and recently finished an oil on canvas series titled, "Still Life with Chicago Cubs World Series Memorabilia." A rather limited exhibit, she admits. As desired, Vic's music business is expanding, giving him time to reach out and help others. Just last month, he donated his oft-complimented beard to the Beard-Challenged Benevolence Society. After all, not everyone can grow one and you'd be amazed at the demand!

Jack continues his studies, earning good marks last semester. Touch and go, though, what with him being an atheist taking World Religions. In the end, he was saved. Er, I mean he passed and dinner table conversations are that much more thought-provoking. A truly positive force in our house with his indefatigable Bulls basketball loyalty, we have all learned to never turn the channel or leave the United Center before the final buzzer. Thank you, Jack!

Kristen graduated from high school and moved to DePaul in Lincoln Park. Who knew one could double major in Investment Banking AND Community Organizing? Add to this her gig at a pizza place where she learned to fire the ovens and make excellent pizza and calzone from scratch, our daughter is nothing if not prepared for goodness knows what faces her generation!

Another year, another 7 dog years for our beloved Farley. That makes her 98, give or take. Wisely, she has adjusted by only chasing senior squirrels and rabbits. How can she tell which ones are seniors, you ask? I'm not sure, but I suspect they're the ones in the yard eating dinner at 4 p.m.

As for me, all is good. Back in April, I started selling handmade soaps on Etsy. While I was forcibly removed from the site in July due to three people being hospitalized after washing with my Lovely Lavender Bars, I consider the episode a positive one. And goodness knows, a glass-half-full attitude is essential when one is being sued.

Gosh, I hope this finds you well and we wish everyone a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year! Ready or not, here comes 2015. Love, Jane.