February 12, 2014

Barbie Dolls It Up

The New York Times: Barbie’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Causes a Stir Online

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
My oldest sister had a Barbie doll. She and the next sister sewed fashionable clothes for it. By the time another sister and I came along, Barbie looked like she had passed out in a ditch on her way home one morning.

Our youngest is a girl. When she started school, she asked for a Barbie. And kept asking. I counseled that real women do not look or act like Barbie. My daughter, nonetheless, said she wanted one for playing with her Barbied girlfriends.

February 9, 2014

Be My Valentine

A dozen red roses, tenderly wrapped in tissue inside a florist’s box, waited on her desk. No mistaking this delivery for copier paper or overnighted presentation handouts. Pamela purposefully scheduled arrival for when the office was humming. She knew she’d be in a meeting on another floor the morning of Valentine’s Day and decided, this year, to send herself a bouquet with a card that said, “Love to my Valentine.”

Soccer uniformed nieces and nephews smiled from pictures in Pamela's cubicle. Always paying rapt attention to co-worker’s family vacation and school play stories, she could be counted on to bake to-die-for desserts for office celebrations. Fifteen years at Shelby Investments as a hard worker and team player, her personae had also evolved to include "plain, overweight, and professional aunt."