November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Coffee

Mark slid slowly into the kitchen chair. Head tilted back and eyes open just enough. Since I’d never seen my buddy first thing in the morning before, the full-on bedhead and rumpled clothes were a shock. This from a guy who always came to campus ironed and precise and with a briefcase no less. Now Thanksgiving morning, a group of us stayed at a friend’s house near the city after one helluva party and before we’d all go separately home.

Glad he sat down, I’d been waiting for someone to join me and our host’s mother. Everyone else was still asleep, including a friend under the dining table in the next room. She had coffee, thank God, and poured for us. Eyeing her young guests in the method of a true veteran-parent, she was quiet.

“Psssshhhhhhhhh.” Mark cradled the hot coffee near his nose and said into it, “Wooosshhhhhh.” I wanted to laugh but, if he was trying to be funny, I didn’t get that vibe. Shooting a look to the mom for her take, she made no reaction whatsoever. “Wowowowwww,” he said with a deep, practiced tone. “Eeerrrrrrrrrrmm.” Realizing, finally, that we were watching this, he set the cup down gently and with a small grin, said, “I need sound effects in the morning.”

Smooth as coffee creamer the mom replied, “Well, yes, that’s fine. Would you like some breakfast?”

Happy Thanksgiving.