October 29, 2013

Daily Write: The Spreadsheet

Crap. 15 minutes til the meeting. I foolishly figured a 1 p.m. start would give enough padding to finish my report and even broke my rule about no food near the keyboard. (A near fatal accident for it some months earlier with a smoothie made me ban food and drink.) Coffee excluded!

So I grabbed my brown sack and peeled down the baggie over my Munster-cheese-and-lettuce on whole grain. Not a bad combo if you take time to actually taste it. I chomped quickly during the last proofread.

Hearing people head into the conference room, the report was as final as it was going to get. I hit the print key and looked down to wad up the leftovers. “What's up with this Munster slice?” It took a moment to understand that there was thick wax paper from the deli clinging to what was left of the cheese. My panicked assault on the sandwich revealed that, yes, I just ate a lot of deli paper and God knows what else.

I don’t remember much about the meeting. I do remember other things about that afternoon.