April 14, 2013

Daily Write: The Report

It wasn’t so much that Karim had been stabbed to death, though that part of the autopsy report was certainly disturbing. The examination revealed how the first blow was a mortal one, severing an artery just outside the heart. The killer had no way of knowing this. Almost immediately after the fatal wound, Karim somehow landed face down across his unmade bed and absorbed ten more stabs in the back from a 6 inch blade. That was that.

What’s really stayed with me are the comments about his hygiene. Each body part had a section:
- teeth were in good repair, clean with minor dental work
- nails were trimmed, hands washed and unmarked
- underwear was clean

The bedroom was a mess but interviewed relations indicated that it was always like this. No forced entry. Co-workers at the neighborhood center, where he was a supervisor, gossiped that Karim pissed off the wrong person. Never an arrest.

After I finished reading, I attached the report to his closed personnel file. Being the HR person, I also forwarded a copy to the insurance carrier for a life insurance payout.