March 9, 2013

Daily Write: See You Back at the House

Even before the slap came, Gloria knew he was gonna hit her. No talking to Len at this point, he was very drunk. Best to stay focused on getting through the fight and away from him. Not like other times where he had her pinned in a corner, this was up in a Ferris wheel at the county fair. Dumb move getting on the ride, but she hoped to calm him. Continuing his attack without caring who saw it, the small carriage swung back and forth. She held on tight and looked straight ahead while they rose up, stopped to let on new riders, rose and paused again.

Len kept at her, “You’re a lazy-assed, piss-poor excuse of a wife and I’m sick of you talking about me to your goddamned mother, too!” She braced for another hit but he seemed more interested in yelling at her and the open air. He spit out, “I’ve HAD it with you picking, picking, picking at me, Gloria.” Unlatching the lap gate, he stood up. Glaring, he played his old ace, “See you back at the house.”

With that, Len stepped off the carriage to march home and, within a few moments, bounced off the asphalt like a load of bricks. Gloria, hearing the thud and screams below, stared ahead, gripping the seat bottom as the ride moved slowly around to let her out and return safely home, alone.
12 min, 10 min edit, 237 words