February 19, 2013

Daily Write: The Tree

I looked down at the passenger seat at the pile of my coat, purse, some papers, gloves. Took only a second to get my right hand in the purse and feel around for that pen. Boom! A big noise and jolt from under the hood made my eyes shoot up to the road. Except there was no road. There was a big tree coming up fast. I had driven over to the right and up the curb and onto the parkway. I jerked the wheel back hard to the left. By God’s grace no one was in the oncoming lane since I overcompensated some. It took a few for me to get my bearings and realize what I had done. The kids, strapped in their car seats behind me were, thankfully, oblivious. Too young to rat me out. I continued the drive to Julia’s house and breathlessly told her what awful thing I had done. She replied without missing a beat, “Don’t ya just HATE when that happens?”
I love you, Julia.